Teaching Staff : FULL TIME FACULTY

Name Date of birth Date of joining Educational qualifications Ph.D/ NET/ SLET Scale of  pay Subjects University’s Approval Ref.No.
1 Mrs.N.Malarvizhi 30.07.1968   23.12.2005   M.Sc.,M.Phil., M.Ed., - As per Norms   Pedagogy of physical science No.TNTEU/R/QA/B.Ed/CC11421/2017-18/687/ Dt:28.03.2017
2 Ms.K.Abirami 19.06.1979   25.06.2008   M.Sc.,M.Phil., M.Ed.,M.Phil.,SLET(Edn)., M.Sc(Psy).,   SLET As per Norms   Pedagogy of Mathematics No.TNTEU/R/QA/B.Ed/CC11421/2017-18/687/ Dt:28.03.2017
  3 Mrs.M.Selvi 10.06.1962   05.08.2009   M.Sc., M.Ed.,M.A., - As per Norms   Pedagogy of Biological Science No.TNTEU/R/QA/B.Ed/CC11421/2017-18/687/ Dt:28.03.2017
4 Mrs.S.Bharathi 08.06.1979   01.08.2011   M.Com., M.Phil., M.Ed., M.Sc(Psy)., - As per Norms   Pedagogy of Commerce & Accountancy No.TNTEU/R/QA/B.Ed/CC11421/2017-18/687/ Dt:28.03.2017
5   Mr.J.Vijayakumar 08.07.1969   15.07.2013   M.A.,M.Ed., - As per Norms   Perspectives No.TNTEU/R/QA/B.Ed/CC11421/2017-18/687/ Dt:28.03.2017
6 Ms.M.Kalpana 25.03.1987   01.08.2014   M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Sc(Psy)., - As per Norms   Pedagogy of Computer Science No.TNTEU/R/QA/B.Ed/CC11421/2017-18/687/ Dt:28.03.2017
7 Mr.S.Ravikumar 12.05.1981   06.11.2017   M.Sc., M.Ed., - As per Norms   Pedagogy of Tamil CC:11421/2018-19/2065   Dt:20.02.2018
8 Mrs.E.Paruvatham 11.06.1978   02.09.2015   M.A.,M.Ed., - As per Norms   Pedagogy of English No.TNTEU/R/QA/B.Ed/CC11421/2017-18/687/ Dt:28.03.2017
9 Mr. R. Moorthy 01.07.1988   02.05.2018   M.PEd., - As per Norms   Physical Director To Be Approved
10 Mr. S. Sasikumar 19.07.1986   06.08.2014   B.Sc.,F.Arts - As per Norms   Fine Arts To Be Approved

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